Welcome to Shayan Ghate Gostar industrial group. Our expert machining services include in:
CNC precision machining, micro machining , Swiss machining.
Shayan Ghate Gostar industrial group have over 30 years experience in fabricating and machining parts with variety of materials such as: titanium, stainless steel, brass, aluminum And dedicated expert is ready to cooperate with all companies and organization.
Our skill, expertise, experience in the medical industry makes our company an asset for the production of dental implants, bone screws and other precision components for medical products.
  • Dental and medical machining
    Dental and medical machining
    Shayan Ghate Gostar is a leader in fabricating dental implants, b ...
  • Automotive machining
    Automotive machining
    Automotive machining requires incredible versatility CNC machinin ...
  • Electronics and connector machining
    Electronics and connector machining
    Electronics components have extremely intricate forming and requi ...
  • Aerospace machining
    Aerospace machining
    The aerospace machining relies on cutting edge precision CNC mach ...
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